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Filmic Catalogue Launch

Soon to be launched: FILMIC* Catalogue. An online platform that is devoted to visual forms of storytelling, sharing works related to film and photography.

In other words, we: -Chat with artists who have distinct creative voices and are working with film and photography media. -Attend national and international film festivals annually, keeping us and you in the loop of global industry happenings. -Direct and present our own creative productions.

Our philosophy is: That art should not be exclusive. In sharing ideas and advice, we want to demystify industry realities and bridge the gap between emerging and established talent. We hope to get everyone excited by new work within a rapidly evolving cosmopolitan community.

Trailer: Directed by Jana Zvedeniuk | Founding-Editor in Chief of FILMIC* Catalogue Edited by Subtext [David Zvedeniuk] | Film Producer of FILMIC* Catalogue


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